Saturday, May 31, 2008

Novacaine for the soul

Well, after four years, about two hundred and fifty posts, three different IP addresses and site-names (it started off as Blog Standard), a variety of articles and essays on the TES website and a couple of quality newspapers, and a bloody good book that I just know you're going to buy for everyone you know, I'm chucking it in.

The blogging, that is, not the teaching.

Teaching is great fun, and as I keep saying it's better than working for a living, but to be honest what goes on in secondary schools is getting way beyond surreal, to the point that my wry satires, observations and insights don't cover it.
Don't cover it at all.

So I'm giving up the blogging.

Like a cowboy handing over his sixgun, rifle and bowie knife at the entrance to the saloon, I'll be surrending my expectations, sentience and sense of logic* at the school gates, to be picked up again every evening when I leave.

I've realised, it only hurts when you fight it.

*I will keep a portable set in my classroom, purely for the purpose of teaching English.